About is a family network for saving and sharing generational memories and stories for years to come.

As a father of two, other social media sharing sites have consistently become a place to find worthless ads, annoying friend requests, and political drama...not to mention being places with often very unclear data practices. I never felt they were a safe place to store memories of my children or my family. And so I thought…

We need a place where we can save videos and pictures of our family, our children and our unforgettable moments.

We need a place that we can share all of these videos, pictures and memories with FAMILY -- not friends and advertisers.

Imagine your great grandchildren showing their kids how you and your family celebrated birthdays.

Imagine having a timeline that dates back 80 or 100 years showing videos or pictures from a family holiday, almost like you were there. was started to preserve memories forever, and allow those memories to be shared for future generations to enjoy.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about and we hope to have the opportunity to save and share your families' stories for generations to come!